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2014 Dalbello Aerro Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O here at and with me today is Ray Skelton. Hi Ray. Hey Steve. How ya doing? Thanks for joining us. Ray is our Dalbello rep and he's here to talk to us about Dalbello Boots. So, today we're going to talk about the Aero Line of boots. Now, there's three boots in the Aero line. There's the Aero 65 which I'm holding in my hand, the Aero 75 which Ray has in his hand and the 85 which we don't have for the video but we will explain is very, very similar.


So, this is your opening price, sort of, entry-level line of boots from the Dalbello Line, correct? That's right, Steve. The Aero line is built for people who are getting into skiing or are good intermediate to all-around skiers. They're a little bit more comfortable fit, a little wider fit and make it easier. Yeah, so the last on these boots is 105, right? So, that's a really wide boot. So, if a person's got a wide or just wants that nice, soft comfortable fit, that's what this boot is really designed for, right? Absolutely. Okay. Now, what's the difference between the 65...well, tell me about any features that are on the 65 first of all. This is your basically... A couple of the unique things with the Aero lineup, and this is on all the models, but you can really see it standing out on the one that Steve has in his hands, we in the US we put metal buckles on our boots. Four-buckles, all-metal, micro-adjustable buckles. So, you have the best adjustment, the best buckle. Secondly, another really unique thing is we have a bi-injected... Wait, let me stop you there. You have micro-adjustable buckles on all four buckles. Right. Okay, that's key because a lot of opening price point boots don't have that. Right. You have Rack Adjustment so if you are a customer that has a very big leg, you can adjust the racks and the micro-adjustable buckles to handle almost any leg. Yeah, so in addition to this buckle being made larger you can also move this buckle over to give it even more additional room. Right. And, one of the things that is used for men and is used very much for women, and we'll go to the womens later on, but on the 75 and the 85 model you have a feature called the X-Module. Hold on, you're getting ahead of me here. All right, so let's start off. So, those are the features on the whole line. So, what do you get on the 75 that you don't get on the 65? It's a little stiffer, right? Right. But besides the stiffness, what else do you get?


You get the X-Module, which I just started to talk about. You also get a locking device in the back or a walk/ski feature and walk/ski when we flip this lever up in the back, it allows the cuff to tilt backwards so if you're in a lift line or you're entering the boot when you're first putting it on, it makes it easier to stand more upright. I personally think that's a great feature. I mean when you' have to walk in your ski boots a lot and it's so much easier with that feature. Right. Now, when I'm clinic-ing the guys in the shop, the other key feature with the locking device is a performance feature. When you have a, let's say a young guy is a learning skier that comes into the shop. Let's say he's 135lbs junior high school age boy. The Aero 65 might be perfect for him so it's a softer flexing, easier flexing boot. But then you get that guy that comes in the store who is 180-190lbs high school football player, mom and dad are still trying to buy that first package for the guy and they want to save a couple dollars, this boot, by locking this device, it makes the cuff really firm and creates a stiffer flexing boot. But you don't need to be 180-190lbs to buy an Aero 75. No. No. It's going to give you great performance as you move up in ability so even that lighter kid is going to get more performance.


Anything else that the 75 has over the 65? Um, no. So, the next model which we don't have hear to show is the 85 Right. I mean, we actually asked you guys to bring that in for us because we thought it was such a critical model in your line. We've sold it for many years. What does the 85 have that... The 85 has two key features when you move up for the customer. One, again, it has a little bit stiffer flex. That's one thing but what it has, and you'll see a silver knob down here on an 85, that's the heel inclinator. It allows you to lift the heel up, or I call it ramp-angle adjustment in a mens boot because it allows you tochange the ramp angle to adjust for your stance and your performance. Then the other key thing is it has a heat-moldable, custom-liner. The Dalbello True Fit Liner. When you see the letters TF on the tongue of the boot, that stands for True Fit. All right, and so, describe for us who is the ideal customer for the 65, then the 75 and then the 85. The 65, the ideal customer is that person that went out to rent skis last year or they just started skiing and they want to buy their first package set up: pair of skis and a pair of boots, and whether it's, the mom and dad or whatever, they're trying to save a little bit of money, that's a 65. Softer flexing. Easy, you know, beginner-to-intermediate level boot. The 75 will take you up to a good, solid intermediate level so it's a great boot. And, because of the features we talked about with the flex adjuster and the walk mode here. And then the 85, the 85 can be for a lot of skiers. The 85 will ski as an all-mountain boot. It's a stiffer flex, great performance and if you've got a guy with a bigger, thicker foot, needs a roomier... Wider. Wider. Sure.


So, yeah. You know, and that's where it helps out with that customer so the 85 gives you a lot of performance, a great liner and lots of adjustments. Great, yeah this has been a great seller, year after year after year for us so there you have it folks, that's the Dalbello Aero 65, 75 and 85. I'm Steve from Ski Talk and Thanks for joining us.

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