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2013 Volkl Shiro Ski Review

Reviewed by Jeff ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
What's going on, Jeff here, Volkl Shiro, 5/5 I love this ski. Unfortunately they didn't have the big boy size here today, so I got stuck on Ingrid Backstrom's personal size, a 173. This thing is a ton of fun to ride even though it is a little bit bigger underfoot skis. Definitely gonna be made for your back bowl rider, may do some trees, deep snow. Were dealing with some little bit loose groomers today an this thing is a riot, super fast, extremely stable at high speeds. That vertical sidewall is gonna give you a lot of stability. The full rocker when your in the deep snow is gonna give some great float, and great edge initiation on the groomers. Again, 4/5 stars, I love this ski.

 Our Price: $399.89 | Retail Value: $825.00 (Save 52%) Jeff's Review Rating:  
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