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2013 Ski Gear | New Tech in Skis, Ski Boots, Ski Bindings and More


By Chris Gorski




Ski season is coming our way which has many of us here at our offices giddy with excitement. In a tradition that happens before each ski season we all have been going through our gear trying to remember what we need to upgrade or replace and searching the new ski gear arrivals to see what we simply want. How about you? Have you pulled out your ski gear to see if there is something you may need before the resorts open and the snow covers everything in a gleaming coat of greatness?


Those looking for new equipment this year are in for a treat with some major new technology and features in skis, ski boots, ski bindings and more. All the major players including K2, Lange, Salomon and more have new offerings that will make skiers smile ear to ear. Here we have picked a few of our personal favorites to highlight and go over.


Salomon Guardian Ski Binding and Atomic Tracker Binding


We are covering these together as Salomon and Atomic worked together with their athletes and creative teams to develop the next big thing in backcountry skiing. The Guardian and Tracker bindings are the next generation of freeride performance and offer unique features and performance characteristics that are going to take skiers to the next level of skiing.

Atomic Tracker Ski Binding


What makes it fresh and new ski binding technology?


The new Salomon Guardian and Atomic Tracker offer a lower stand height which will aid in stability offering skiers a solid platform to explore the backcountry. With a wider oversized platform the Guardian and Tracker are designed to improve power transmission and responsiveness to help skiers link quicker more precise carves. The lower stand height and the wider platform are great but the main thing that sets these ski bindings apart from others is the super easy to use hike and ride switch for changing the binding from the hike to ski setting. The Guardian and Tracker now make it possible to switch the setting on your backcountry binding from hike to ride without having to remove your skis. This timesaving feature not only makes it easier but also makes it safer to easily and effectively change the ski/hike setting.

Salomon Guardian Ski Binding Detail


The Verdict


The design is solid and the bindings offer many features skiers are going to find useful and timesaving. Overall if you are shopping for a new backcountry ski binding we don’t see why the Salomon Guardian or Atomic Tracker wouldn’t be on the top of your list.


K2 Skis Rox Technology | More Edge Hold, Better Turn Initiation


What happens when one of the greatest ski companies wants to develop a ski that not only offers superior edge hold but also offers intense edge control, well, that is when K2 gives birth to ROX technology.


What makes it fresh and new ski technology?


K2 skis have brought us great technology over the years so when they release a new tech skiers tend to take notice. And in their 50th year K2 has done just that with their new ROX technology. ROX technology is essentially the marriage of varying tech that has evolved over the years and with the coupling of these technologies K2 has made a ski that offers better edge hold with easier turn initiation. Mixing MOD suspension technology with carbon web and speed rocker K2 is offering a fantastic skiing experience essentially acting as a second core that stiffens the ski dampening and creating a better edge hold. To ensure that this increased torsional rigidity doesn’t cripple the skis turn initiation the rocker enables the skis to be easily turned.


The Verdict


This is the natural progression of the ski industry and couples some of the greatest tech available right now. Giving a good mix of old school ski ability and new school ski ability ROX technology is going to evolve skiing.


K2  Skis Rox Technology  


New Lange XT Series with Power V-Lock Technology


The new Lange XT series of ski boots are offering technology that will make backcountry and sidecountry skiers rejoice. Ever wonder what it would be like if it was just as easy to hike as it was to ski in your ski boots?

Lange V-Cut Ski Boot Technology  


What makes it fresh and new ski boot technology?


In the XT series first year Lange has added some great technology to make these ski boots intensely antiquated for sidecountry and backcountry skiing. These new Lange ski boots offer the traditional v-cut profile but has added an additional v-cut on the back of the boots. This additional v-cut makes the XT series by Lange hike easier and offers a great amount of freedom to move your foot backward in the boots while in the hike position. When put back in the ski position you will be ready to head down the mountain and get those turns you just earned hiking up.


The Verdict


If you are a backcountry or sidecountry skier grab these ski boots and the Salomon Guardian or Atomic Tracker bindings and rejoice! With such great innovation making it easier to have a ski boot that is not only comfortable while hiking but will give performance while skiing. Power v-lock is found on the Lange XT series of ski boots.


GoPro HERO3 – Black, White and Silver Editions Just in Time for Ski Season


GoPro just released their new camera the HERO3 just in time for the upcoming ski season. With many updates and new features you can expect a lot of great footage to come from these little wonders this year. The new smaller, lighter and more powerful HERO3 can rival most big budget cameras out there but is able to be mounted nearly anywhere giving it the ability to capture footage that other cameras simply cannot.


What makes it fresh and new technology?


This new GoPro camera is 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful than its previous model. To give this new model even more bang for the skiers buck it boasts 2x better low light performance so capturing quality footage on grey days and in low light is possible. Users also have the option of a Wi-Fi remote (comes with the black edition) which works with the Wi-Fi already built into the cameras to give users an easy way to control and shoot the footage they want. GoPro also has an App which users can download to their smart phone which will give them handheld control as well.

Giro Hero 3 Detail and Specs 



The Verdict


GoPro doesn’t disappoint when a new product is released and the new HERO3 is no exception. Built entirely with the user in mind and GoPro knows most its users are in the extreme sport realm. With this you get features and settings that skiers and snowboarders can really relate to, enjoy and get much use out of.


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