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2013 Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi I'm Jenna. I just got off the Salomon Oh Yeah. I give this board 4 out of 5 stars. It's actually a pretty soft flexing board. It is rockered but it has this equalizer side cut which really allows you to hold an edge a lot better than I thought I would on a board this soft. Today I kind of just played around with it. Took it through a small park, hit a few boxes on it. Just super super soft flexing and just real playful but I did get a chance earlier in the seaon to actually take this out and take it on some longer hardpacked runs. I was surprised how well it holds an edge. Usually I'm a little bit more interested in the stiffer board, boards I can ride bit faster but this board really held it's edge well and it has these rubber areas directly under the bindings which really absorbed shock and damped vibration so awesome board for maybe your entry to mid level girl whos just looking for something soft and easy to learn on or a great soft flexing jib board for you girl who knows what she's doing in the park as well.

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