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2013 Rossignol Squad 7 Ski Review

Reviewed by Jeff ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Jeff here, Rossignol Squad 7. This is a 5 star rating but this one gets 6. Because I want it really bad number 1, number 2 if you compare this ski to let just say the S7 or it's big brother the Super 7, it's similar design, doesnt havent as much lift in the front or in the tail so it's not going to be as twitchy in the back. It's going to finish turns a little bit better, I think this ski might navigate a little bit better if you've gotta catch a decent amount of groomers on your way to the backside. Other than that this thing is going to smash, plow, and destroy deep snow. It's simply amazing, it's vertical sidewall construction actually makes it super solid under foot and to be honest with you it's extremly surprising how well it navigate the grommers. Like I said 6 out of 5 stars, might have to put in the in the arsenal for next year.

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