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2013 Line Prophet 98 Ski Review

Reviewed by Jeff ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
What's going on Jeff here. Line Prophet 98. This ski has changed a little bit from last year. Its got a little bit more of their half structure wall so it makes it a lot more sturdy. It's really locked in underneath your foot. This is a really fun ski. It's metal matrix on it gives it a ton of pop a ton of stability and just a great firm grip on the snow. This thing is an absolute riot to ride. It's little bit of early rise mkaes it just super nimble. Edge initiates really well, if you want to go slam tree, you want to go do pow. Whatever you want to do this is going to be a great ski for you. 5 out of 5.

 Our Price: $399.88 | Retail Value: $810.00 (Save 51%) Jeff's Review Rating:  
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