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2013 K2 A.M.P. Charger Ski Review

Reviewed by Brad ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hey I'm Brad, I just got off the new K2 Charger, I give this ski 4/5 stars, I liked it. It's new out this year, it definitely grips and rips real fast, short turns it loves. Definitely doesn't do so well on the longer ones, but it does like high speeds. For a lightweight guy like me I found them real snappy. Be prepared I almost shot right out of them the first time I rode them because of how quick they came around. Definitely not for your beginner to intermediate skier. Your definitely gonna wanna little bit of oomph under it to l let them run, but if you like to ski fast, and you like shorter turns this be a great ski for you.

 Our Price: $759.92 | Retail Value: $1,190.00 (Save 36%) Brad's Review Rating: