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2013 Atomic Alibi Ski Review

Reviewed by Thom ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi, Tom here, with the Atomic Alibi, this get a 2/5. It was a ski I was really excited to ski, going in. The engagement on the turn is a little off, it doesn't nip into the turn as quick as you'd want it to. Then it tends to flutter a little once your there. When your really up at speed, it gets very chattery. It wasn't the most confidence inspiring ski. In crud, and in soft snow, where your using the base of the ski more to turn, then the edges, I could see it working well. For somebody who's looking for a do all ski, an everyday type ski, I would go somewhere else. If your looking for that kinda backcountry, off trail, performance in a narrower package, it would be good for you.

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