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2012 Salomon Enduro LX 800 Ski Review

Reviewed by Kevin ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi I'm Kevin, I just got off the brand-new Salomon LX 800, a brand-new ski from Salomon this year, this is geared toward intermediate to advanced intermediate, that guy that wants aspire to eventually be an advanced level skier and ski the whole mountain, this ski will definitely help you get there very easy to go in ski, very smooth, stable doesn't have a ton of pop, but you really don't want it to pop with a ski like this, because it can kind of guide you, you don't want to force you to do what you want you want it to guide you, to where you want to be it'll definitely help you with that, it's got good grip pretty stable at speed if you go Mach 1 it may be chattery, the rocker helps you get that turn initiation, make it a little bit easier, sell a good ski overall, it gets 4/5 stars

 Our Price: $439.95 | Retail Value: $750.00 (Save 41%) Kevin's Review Rating:  
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