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2012 Rossignol Temptation 74 Ski Review

Reviewed by April ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
This is the Rossignol Temptation 74 and I skied this ski in two different lengths, the 146 and the 156, I did that because I wanted to see what kind of a growth range this ski had. In the 146 for that beginner gal that maybe she's starting to challenge the blues, but she hasn't quite figured out tipping into the turn, it was awesome if I was back on my heels and skidding those little death wedges, it came around like a champ and I think the main reason for that is they have this auto turn rocker in the tip and tail and that just let's you butter the entrance into the turn, a lot of fun to ski on. I went on the 156 because I wanted to see if that gal that was making a parallel turn skiing the blues, maybe taking on that groomed black on a good day if this was still gunna ski for her well, she skies with her kids over here on Sunday morning, but then she goes out and follows her husband around in the afternoon this is an awesome ski for that, carves really well super fast into a short radius turn, again because of that auto turn rocker, and then if I wanted to haul it out in a medium radius turn it really held well under foot. Definitely had a speed limit on it, I wasn't gunna charge the fall-line fun for a little bit of a time in a NASTAR course, but not something for a speed demon. Still fun in the bumps easy entrance and easy exit if I needed to skid the tail around just to chuck off a little speed it still worked well for me but it I was really happy with this ski it skied really well, so if you're that gal that's really starting to challenge her skiing, this might be something you want to consider.

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