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2012 Rossignol Attraxion 8 Echo Ski Review

Reviewed by April ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi this is April and this is the Rossignol Echo 8 Attraxion this is from their eco series it's more user friendly for the environments of fiber from the stripes you see in the top sheet of this feed are actually linien fiber strips and what they've done is they're trying to replace metal some of the other things we've used in the past to give the ski a lot of life and rebound this he still has plenty rebound it's a fun ski to ski on it's definitely for that stronger level ladies here I would have no problem putting my gals that are maybe looking to take their level III test on this and they want a ski that makes them look like a rockstar this deathly comes across the hill real quickly making the short clean terms but how could it not the side cut on this ski is a big fat whopping 127 in the shovel and then we go down to 75 underfoot and 108 in the tail and what that does for you as a skier is it really lets you rip across the hill quick that shovel grabs in the turns and just pulls your feet into it so there is no effort at all I also felt that this ski was beautiful aesthetically if you look at the way those graphics work together is like a Georgia O'Keefe painting nobody said we had to ski and ugly ski so I'm going to give this ski a five out of five stars I love it it was a lot of fun this peon and I like the way they're going with being more eco friendly to the environment if we want to keep seeing we need to keep the environment happy

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