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2012 Ride OMG Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

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Hi I am Jenna and this is the Ride OMG I give this board five out of five stars is one of my favorite boards is a great intermediate to advanced level freestyle deck super fun what Ride did with it this year is they actually gave it what they call a hybrid twin the boards a true twin what it has is actually camber between the bindings what that does is it really allows you to get great edge hold but then you got rocker in the tip and the tail so in the park it's super fun for being able to transition to your nose your tail if you're trying to do slides if you trying to do butters but if you did get in some snow you will still be able to float real while you still have that playfulness in the board but again camber between the bindings gives you that response gives you that pop you also got pop rods in the nose and the tail of this board so again you get that extra ollie power that extra pop out of it what I really like about this board is it's a fairly softer board in the middle again you've got that in the stiff flex in the nose and the tail for the pop but you can take it out of the park and ride anywhere else on the mountain and because you've got these urethane sidewalls it actually dampens the vibration and really maintains that edge hold so you won't feel that chatter that vibration that you normally would in a softer board so again awesome board for your intermediate to advanced level girl who's looking to do some riding in the park and maybe everywhere else on the mountain as well

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