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2012 Line Sir Francis Bacon Ski Review

Reviewed by Kevin ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hey I'm Kevin and I just got off the brand-new Line Sir Francis Bacon a lot of updates to this ski this year it's a little bit stiffer not quite as much early rise narrower it's a much more versatile ski than it has been in years past I've actually got a pair of the original Bacon's and I like this ski a lot more it's much quicker on edge much quicker from edge to edge and it's just a lot more stable lot more poppy powder skis aren't quite as soft and nearly as they used to be which is good it makes them more versatile but they are not so super stiff or I should say overly stiff skis a lot of skis on the market today are a lot stiffer than they need to be this one just find a perfect balance so it gets 4 1/2 out of five stars much more versatile than it used to be so you can use this as definitely a one quiver ski for out West with out any problem

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