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2012 Line Prophets | 3 Models of Shred


By Steve Kopitz




Line Prophet All Mountain Skis Series offers three different models for intermediate to expert level skiers; Line's Prophet Series of All-Mountain skis has something to offer everyone. Packing loads of All-Mountain performance into a highly technical package the Prophet Series is sure to impress even the best All-Mountain Skiers. All three models; the Prophet 98, the Prophet 90, and the Prophet Flite; have been re-designed for the 2012 season to include Early Rise Rocker on all of the models and other new features specific to each model. The top sheet graphic on all of the Prophet Skis was designed and painted by Line Skis' athlete Eric Pollard.



Line Prophet Skis



Line Prophet 98


The Line Prophet 98 features the widest platform in the Prophet series and is designed for the skier who is looking to explore the entire mountain. At 98mm under the foot it is wide enough to ski the back bowls and yet still nimble enough to be able to rip solid arcs back to the chair lift. Line ensures that the Prophet 98 will easily float in the powder and still be highly maneuverable in all conditions by utilizing Early Rise Rocker (20cm x 4mm) in the tips. The utilization of Early Rise Rocker is highly beneficial in all applications, but the more pronounced Rocker Profile is designed to make the biggest impact in the deep snow. The Prophet 98 is designed for advanced to pro level skiers, so the Capwall Construction style adds some extra beef to the flex pattern of the skis, allowing you to be as aggressive as you like when skiing the Prophet 98. The CapWall Construction blends both Cap and Sidewall Construction giving you the performance benefits of Sidewall Construction with a Mini Cap to protect the top sheet of the skis; it is most noticeable at higher speeds and harder snow surfaces. To keep the skis lightweight while still providing long lasting camber and a good rebound energy Line Skis has developed a Maple Macroblock Wood Core. Line adds a Metal Matrix to the Maple Macroblock Core to make it stiffer and to provide more power and better edge grip. The Metal Matrix is die cut to reduce unnecessary material and weight in the tips and tails of the skis while providing the most material under the foot where it is most beneficial. Backed with all of this technology the Line Prophet 98 is a true performance All-Mountain Twin that will surely impress even the toughest critics. The Line Prophet 98 was selected as an Official Selection by Skiing Magazine and received a Gold Medal from Ski Magazine for being top quality gear.



Line Prophet 90


Many people are still skeptical about choosing a wider All-Mountain Twin like the Line Prophet 90 as their only ski. However, after one turn all fears will be forgotten. Completely re-designed for 2012 the Prophet 90 turns effortlessly but still has enough substance to the construction to really allow you to stand against the skis and rip turns. At 90mm under the foot the Prophet 90 is really designed to be a versatile All Mountain Ski. With the small amount of tip rocker (5cm x 1mm) that the Prophet 90 has to offer it is really designed to help ease turn initiation making it easier to roll from edge to edge on the groomers and float over uneven snow. The 90mm waist width is really where the floatation comes from with these skis. The small amount of Early Rise Tip Rocker will aid in flotation so the Prophet 90 is capable of exploring into knee deep powder. What the Prophet 90 lacks in deep powder applications it makes up for with overall versatility and playfulness. The Line Prophet 90 is built much like the Prophet 98 utilizing the same Capwall Construction, Maple Macroblock Core, and Metal Matrix. The Prophet 90s construction combined with its versatile sidecut give it a light and lively feel – stable yet incredibly agile. The Prophet 90 is a true game changer for intermediate skiers looking to expand their idea of resort skiing as well as a high performance charger for advanced skiers splitting time between on and off piste. If this article isn't convincing you, The Line Prophet 90 was also selected as an Official Selection by Skiing Magazine and received a Gold Medal from Ski Magazine for being top quality gear.



Line Prophet Flite


Don't forget about the little brother in the Prophet Series the Line Prophet Flite. Line uses the same shape and rocker profile as the Prophet 90 but by using lighter, softer materials they create the Line Prophet Flite. The Line Prophet Flite is designed for the intermediate to advanced skier or lighter weight skier who still wants the All-Mountain versatility of the Prophet 90 with out having to expend as much energy to turn it. Line uses their 4D Fibercap Construction instead of the CapWall Construction to make the Prophet Flite softer flexing. The 4D Fibercap is achieved by wrapping layers of fiberglass around the core in four directions to add torsional strength and rigidity while maintaining a softer flex pattern. The P-Cut Geometry utilized in the entire Prophet Series is most helpful to the skier here. The P-Cut Geometry is the technology behind the specially designed tip which allows for easier turn initiation. Combining the P-Cut Geometry with a softer Directional Flex the Prophet Flite becomes incredibly easy to turn while still providing ample power through the exit of the turn. This allows a developing skier to be able to control their skis easier thus developing the confidence necessary to take their skiing to the next level. The use of the Composite Matrix and Aspen Macroblock Wood Core are less demanding than the Metal Matrix and Maple Macroblock Wood Core used in the other Line Prophet Series Skis. The Prophet Flite will be more forgiving for those lighter skiers or intermediates that might still me making inefficient movements in their ski form.


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