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2012 Line Mr. Pollard"s Opus Ski Review

Reviewed by Kevin ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi I'm Kevin I just got off the brand new Line Mr. Pollards Opus this ski is outstanding I've had pretty much every I've owned every ski that Pollards ever come up with always starting back way to the Elizabeth that the original EP pros which are great in powder but their way to soft for all mountain this thing absolutely blew my mind hands down this will be the ski him on next year it just absolutely you can rail on the groomers it's soft it's not too soft though it's got some nice rebound a lot of snap which some of the soft skis have been lacking in the past gas I mean it's just skis much shorter with the early taper its got the early rise not as much as the original EP Pro but just enough when you're skiing powder it's going to float really easy that tips going to push up very smooth very stable tip does chatter in the early rise but most skis with this much rise are going to do that but it doesn't make you feel skittish or not trustworthy of the ski so hands-down best ski I've skied on the tests five out of five stars

 Our Price: $559.96 | Retail Value: $850.00 (Save 34%) Kevin's Review Rating:  
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