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2012 K2 SuperStitious Ski Review

Reviewed by April ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi this is April again and this is the K2 Superstitious I'm going to give this 5/5 star but this definitely for the stronger skiing gal it's got a sheet of metal in it so it's got a lot of spring and rebound to it this is a little shorter than I usually ski this ones a 154 normally I'm on around 160 still held really well I was not prepared for it to pop across fall lines like it did entered the turn very quickly held really well it definitely is a ski that I could take out West and really charge the hill on still have a lot of quickness edge to edge which was surprising that 84 underfoot but it is 128 in the shovel so I can ski this in the junk in the crud and still stay on top of it but I can also Ski it on the groomers which makes it pretty versatile ski for me not to ski I'm going to give to weaker turner though it definitely requires a driver not a passenger but all in all I like it I'm excited and going to give it five out of five stars it's a lot of fun

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