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2012 K2 Missconduct Ski Review

Reviewed by April ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi this is April I just got off the little K2 Missconduct and you're probably saying why is a 50 year old mommy skiing on a twin tip well because they're funI find them to be a little more versatile than people think they are I play with my ski team kids in the park a lot I take them on the jumps I like to have them on the boxes I don't necessarily want to do that with their full-blown race skis but I do like versatility that with the side cut in the skis and this little bit of a rocker they give to it I can still get that ski into a new turn pretty easily it's a pretty versatile little machine if you want to ski that you can hang out with your friends on ski in the park zip through the trees out West still car around pretty well you might want to consider a twin tip and this little Missconduct is soft and forgiving enough that if I do get thrown back on my tails on an unexpected bump something I wasn't expecting I can still hang with the turn on it it does have a nice sidewall little bit funky on the graphics for me like the bases on him I love this binding the Griffin is fun to be on and I like the new toe piece its a lighter swing weight

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