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2012 Gnu B.Pro Series Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

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Hi I am Jenna and this is the Gnu B Pro this is absolutely my favorite board I've been on all day I actually got a chance to ride it for about a half a day a week ago just excellent in all conditions this is a great board for your intermediate to advanced level girl who really just wants to take on anything on the mountain you could take this thing in the park you can fly on this board it has excellent edge hold super stable super comfortable the reason being it's got a lot of technology behind it first of all this has what Gnu calls Magnatraction so you've got this wavy sidewall here and what it does it give you it acts like a serrated knife it gives you multiple contact points with the snow so you can take a little bit softer of a board generally this is a midflex I'd say mid to a little bit stiff and you just get that extra edge hold without just a super super stiff board you could also de-tune the edges if you're more of a park rider you're still going to be able to ride everywhere else on the mountain because you have those multiple contact points you also have this is called C2 so what you have is camber directly underneath the bindings and then rocker in the tip and the tail as well as in the middle of the board so you get the benefits of rocker which is great that you can get this into some deeper snow you really just sit back on it and it makes it super easy to float on but the camber again gives you that edge hold takes away that swirly feeling of rocker really makes it just a solid ride what I really liked about this board is that you can get it into variable conditions and you always feel secure you feel comfortable on it because you know you have that edge hold with the Magnatraction and the camber under the bindings so excellent board for your intermediate to advanced level girl who really wants a board that can help her take it to the next level it will absolutely make you a better rider and a super fun board all around

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