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2012 Dynastar Exclusive Reveal Ski Review

Reviewed by Kathleen ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi this is Kathlen with the Dynastar Reveal I give this ski five out of five if the great intermediate level ski it was really nice if you had a little bit of a sitback problem and you're stuck in the back seat you're able to just slide those turns around real nice and I was still able to get an on edge on the gentler slopes I had to struggle a little bit to do that on the steeper stuff but overall it was a nice comfortable ski very forgiving for that intermediate to advanced intermediate if you're working into just doing the steeps and deeps it's not going to be the right ski for you but if you're that lower level you're giving your first pair of skis after rental this is a ski for you

 Our Price: $299.95 | Retail Value: $600.00 (Save 50%) Kathleen's Review Rating:  
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