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2012 Blizzard M Power FS IQ Ski Review

Reviewed by Trey ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Trey here just got done skiing Blizzards Magnum 8.7 M Power IQ FS a lot of names and definitely a lot of ski skis very very very very very stable this thing you can go just as fast as you want to go through anything and you don't even realize you're doing it a lot of ski to ski all day for a guy my size but if your ex-racer or bigger guy looking for a really smooth cruising all mountain ski very much for that aggressive intermediate to expert skier think you're really gonna like this ski it has just a little bit of rocker up in the front early rise they call it so it really transtions back and forth nice and easy for a ski of this kind of stability and power I give it a 4/5

 Our Price: $839.97 | Retail Value: $1,350.00 (Save 38%) Trey's Review Rating: