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2012 Atomic Blackeye TI Ski Review

Reviewed by Thom ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hey Tom here, with the Atomic Blackeye Ti fun ski, falls into their nomad series, so it's not really that all Mountain kind of vibe. I give this thing 3/5 stars it goes up on to edge really easy it holds pretty darn well I'd say it's the kind of ski wear if you are a little heavier you definitely need to size up to get that true confident solid solid edge hold but anyone who's looking for a primarily side ski but is maybe spending 20 to 30% of their time adventuring elsewhere kind of starting to explore the Mountain into a real good ski or for the intermediate for more of the hardpack skier, but really wants to kind of see what the the tree back bowls are all about it would be a good starter for that

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