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2012 Armada ARW Ski Review

Reviewed by Julie ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hey I'm Julie! I just got of the Armada AR W. I give a four out of five stars. Brand new from ...well not brand new but totally redesigned for this year. You might be able to see on this side, there's a cap construction in the tip. Side-wall under the front and a cap in the tail and fixes the weight pretty considerably over the previous design. At the same point, they did make the tip and tail softer. So it actually does help in park applications. This does make it a little "poppier," a little more designed to do butters and if you land a little tip heavy or a little tail heavy you can take it over the little jumps and it definitely seems a lot lighter than the pair I own that were last year's version. Yeah, it's a great ski.

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