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Women's Skis

Womens skis aren't just shorter versions of mens skis with more feminine graphics. It is important to understand that the difference between men's and womens skis are more than just the differences in colors and graphics. Most skis designed for women are specifically designed for women's body structure and skiing style. They take into account women's differences from men in weight, center of gravity, foot size and strength. As a result, womens skis are basically designed to make skiing easier and more enjoyable. For more information about the differences between mens and womens skis please read the article Ski Equipment | Mens vs. Womens.

Sizing women's skis

All women's skis are measured in centimeters where weight and ability can be the determining factor in the length you ultimately decide to buy. To give you a better understanding of which size is right for you, we recommend that you view our Skis Size Chart. Sizing skis isn't an exact science, so it is ok to pick a ski which is a few centimeters longer or shorter than what the chart recommends based on personal preference. Longer skis are typically more stable at higher speeds, but require more power and skill to turn. Shorter skis are easier to turn, but may begin to chatter at higher speeds. So as a general rule of thumb, if you are a more confident or a more experienced skier, you can get a ski that measures slightly longer than the recommended length on the size chart. If you are a beginner or less aggressive skier, you may want to get womens skis which are a few centimeters shorter than the recommended length according to the size chart.

Why women need women's skis

Women's skis are not just dolled up men's skis and will offer a slew of technology and design specific to women. Women's bodies are set up different than men's meaning they are going to need a specific design in their skis to accommodate and ensure proper ski- ability and form. One major difference between men's and women's skis is the face that women's skis have their bindings mounted roughly 2cm back from men's. This is to accommodate for women having a lower center of gravity carrying more of their weight in their hips and thighs. Giving women a setback stance will lessen the strain on their knees and give them a more balanced feel on their skis. Women's skis also offer a more tapered tail which makes up for their lower center of gravity which can cause them to drag their tail through the end of a turn. With the tapered tail they can finish the turns smoother.

As you can see there are many reasons why a woman will want to get a ski specifically altered to their style. If you are a hard skiing woman and feel you need a stiffer flex worry not because there are higher end women's skis that will cater to a hard carving woman yet will still offer the correct binding mounting points and women's specific set up that you need.