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Womens Ski Pants

Women are fashionable simply by their nature which is why womens ski pants are offered in various styles, cuts and designs. The ski pants for women have evolved greatly over the years from drab and bulky to the bright and light offerings you will find today. Now you can get a bit more formed and fitted skiing pants that look great while still offering the function for all day skiing. There are going to be a few different styles of womens ski pants and within these styles there are going to be different cuts available to adapt to the fit you desire.

Types of womens ski pants

The three main styles of skiing pants for women are going to be insulated, shell and stretch. Each of these are great in their own right and offer users a great experience but below we will go into more detail on the differences and features of each of these styles.

Insulated womens ski pants - The insulated style of ski pant is going to offer an outer shell which repels water and will offer protection from cold wind gusts and will have an inner liner that will give additional warmth. This style of womens ski pants is the most popular style and will deliver the same style of fit as the standard style of snow pants most are used to.

Shell style womens ski pants - Shell ski pants are going to offer just the outer shell which offers great protection from wind and wetness while offering an easier range of motion. These pants are popular with women that ski a lot of varying temperature conditions as you can layer up underneath for colder weather and wear just the pants when in milder weather.

Stretch style womens ski pants - Stretch ski pants offer great comfort in a stretchy fabric offering a better range of motion and ability to freely move. Typically these womens ski pants are going to offer a fleece liner that is a bit thinner than the liners on traditional insulated ski pants but still offer great warmth.

Differing fits found with womens ski pants

The days of ill fitting ski pants are a thing of the past with different fits and cuts now available with womens ski pants. Now you can mimic your favorite type of cut or fit in the pants you wear daily on the slopes. The fits available are full, regular and slim fit and Skis.com offers a great selection of womens ski pants in each of these styles. The full cut ski pants will offer the larger, bulkier fit that resembles that of the more common snow pants most are used to. A regular cut womens ski pant falls in between a slim cut and a full cut and will offer a great fit for those wanting a tighter fit but also want the ability to easily and comfortably wear layers beneath. The slim cut ski pants for women will offer a more "skinny jean" type of fit which many are finding stylish while still offering great warmth and protection while skiing.

Skis.com offers all your favorite brands of womens ski pants

We know that most everyone has a favorite brand of ski wear from pants to jackets and everything in between. Some enjoy a certain a brand for the fit, some for the style and others just because they like the company and what they stand for. Here we offer womens ski pants from the top brands including but not limited to Bogner, Obermeyer, The North Face, Orage, Salomon, Nils, Descente, Oakley, Kjus and many more.