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Wait, carries watches… why? Well, the watches here at offer much more than just a standard time telling watch. There are so many features on these watches they should be called tiny little computers. Let’s talk about some of the features you will find on the watches while shopping.




This is pretty self explanatory but these watches with GPS offer an integrated GPS system that offers high sensitivity which helps it connect and interact with GPS satellites much quicker while holding steady and accurate readings.


3-D Compasses


A compass is great but you have to hold it flat and level to the horizon to get an accurate reading. Watches with the 3-D compass feature compensate for any tilt allowing for an accurate reading no matter the angle.


Barometric Altitude


This feature allows you to measure the air pressure so you can see when there are sudden changes. This will allow you to have a better grasp on upcoming weather changes, all from the watch on your wrist.




This will measure your current elevation and track your ascent and descent while gauging your overall progress on a climb. This feature makes these watches great for skiers but also makes a great watch for mountaineers and travelers of all walks.


Online Connectivity


In some watches you can connect to an online program to better track your workouts and ski days. Online you can share your progress with others, keep a training diary and among many other things you can update your watch with software as it is released. With the age of technology that we’re in this may be one of the greatest features a watch could have.


As you can see there are many special features found in the watches we stock which may explain why these are a bit pricier than the corner store Casio that only tells the time. Once you have what some call “smart watches” it may be hard to go back to a simple watch that only tells the time, I mean, how lame right? To ensure the watch you are looking at offers all the features you want to be sure to pay special attention to the product description and specs on the watches product page.



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