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Ski Training Aids

Ski training aids are often used when kids are just beginning to ski and can often be used to teach kids to ski. There are several different types of training aids with many uses for different learning styles. Here we will cover a few different styles of ski training aids you will most likely see while shopping and the uses each have.


Ski Trainer Harnesses


Harnesses are the training aids that typically start it all. These offer the easiest and safest way for a child to initially start skiing. With the harness you the parent have more control over your child if he/she gets out of control.


A ski training aid harness will be worn by your child in a backpack style harness and there will be two leashes. The harness fits comfortably and will not hinder the child’s natural movements but the leashes you hold will help you guide their turns and control speed. The ski harness also work great to help kids get acclimated to the chairlift. With a ski trainer harness you can easily lift your child onto the chairlift with ease.


Tip Clips


Tip clips are a very easy to use ski training aid and will offer immediate confidence boosting power. Tip clips can be used with or without a training harness and can be a great training aid for the transition between being in a harness to being all alone.


Tip clips attach the skier’s skis in the front helping them form a wedge which will allow them to easily control their speeds and turn quicker, smoother and without issue. This is one of the great ski training aids as it really instills confidence with minimum impact as tip clips are small non intrusive and lightweight.


There are several types of training aids and all are fairly inexpensive so we recommend experimenting with different types to find what works best for your child. No two children are going to learn to ski the same way and will need to do it their own way. The best two pointers outside of using training aids would be to always be patient without getting angry and to instill the help of a professional if needed. Patients will go a long way when training your kid to ski and if you feel overwhelmed buy them a lesson and take a break from it.



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