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Often called ski boards, ski blades, or little trick skis, snowblades are a great alternative to downhill skis. Most snowblades are about 100cm in length, making them easier to maneuver and are perfect for those who are just learning. Versatile and fun for all age’s snowblades will typically offer an adjustable binding which will work with most any adult ski boot. The non-releasable bindings do not need to be adjusted by a certified binding technician and are fairly easy to adjust yourself. It is not necessary to use ski poles with snowblades, although some snowbladers prefer to have them.

Fun facts about snowblades

Little known fact: Snowblades are the original twin tip skis. Jason Levinthal the founder of Line Skis actually started by creating snowblades based on several design concepts originating in snowboarding. Once he figured out that snowblades fun were easy to do tricks on Levinthal started research and development to make them longer providing a more stable skiing platform. However, many kids still like to use snowblades to practice new skills on indoor trampolines at ski training facilities.

Snowblades offer great control

Due to the shortened length of the snowblades they are not designed for those looking to be speed demons. Snowblades excel in short radius turns and give you a great amount of control. Many hockey players or skaters enjoy snowblades because they are quick and easy to turn like skates. Snowblades also work great as learning tools for someone looking to get into skiing but would like to test the waters first with something a bit easier and more laid back.

The evolution of snowblades

Snowblades received their start as tools to traverse summer glaciers more easily and were originally called Firn Gliders. One of the first mass produced snowblades was manufactured by Kneissel in 1990 and measured 65cm and offered a foam core and p-tex base. Throughout the 90’s more companies got on the snowblade scene with releases of snowblades from top brands including Line and Salomon. The big boom for snowblades came in the late 90’s – early 00’s with snowblades being featured in the X-Games and 20 plus companies were now manufacturing snowblades. Since then there has been a fallout of snowblading as a sport and then another bout of popularity and now it snowblading is somewhat neutral between snowboarders and skiers.

Shopping snowblades on Skis.com

While shopping snowblades you will notice we stock a large supply and you may feel you want to narrow down your choices. Good news is you can! You will notice to the left of the snowblades are a collection of refinement boxes. These boxes work as intuitive shopping helpers that you can select option in to refresh your search. The refinement boxes offered for snowblades are brand, gender, length, price, ability level, color and model year. Selecting an option in one of these will narrow down your search for snowblades so say you select 85-89cm in the length refinement box your page will refresh and only show you snowblades in that size. You can also use multiple refinements so if you want to shop by price and size or any other combination you can. Simply make your first selection and wait for the page to refresh and once the page re-loads make your second selection.