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Benefits of Inflatable Sleds and Plastic Snowboards


Sometimes you need to relax and have some fun off the ski hill and just have a good time at the local hill. For that you need a decent sled or for kids pre-learning to snowboard you can get cheap plastic snowboards. Here at we stock a great selection of inflatable sleds and plastic snowboards that will create the fun you need right in your own backyard.


Benefits of an Inflatable Sled


Everyone has used the regular hard plastic sleds and the wooden toboggans that many of us have grown up on. So what is the benefit of getting an inflatable sled? There are several benefits of inflatable sleds from ease of storage to multiple uses.


Ease of Storage- Whether transporting inflatable sleds for the whole gang in the family vehicle or storing them in the garage when not in use you can pack down inflatable sleds and save some space. Taking half a dozen traditional sleds in the back of the car will leave little room for anything else so having inflatable sleds you can deflate and re-inflate offer a space saving approach to sledding.


Multiple Uses- In many cases the inflatable sleds you use in the winter time will double as lake and pool floats in the summertime. Some inflatable sleds will even work as pull behind boat tubes giving you even more reason to love them.


Safe and Comfortable- I don’t know about you but going down the hill in an inflatable sled sounds more desirable to me than a hard plastic sled where every bump can be felt. These inflatable sleds are also great for kids as they feel safe and secure with a smooth and fun ride.


Benefits of Plastic Snowboards


Plastic snowboards are how a lot of great snowboarders get their starts. Inexpensive and easy to use these plastic snowboards offer a great learning curve for those simply dipping their toes into the waters of snowboarding. There are a few key benefits to plastic snowboards which we will talk about below.


Inexpensive Fun- Whether you are getting used to snowboarding in hopes to get a real snowboard setup down the road or simply having some fun in the backyard plastic snowboards offer an inexpensive way to get into the sport. Typically under $100 and some models under $50 you can keep your piggy bank full or continue to save for a regular snowboard set up.


Learn to Snowboard- Those who have learned in the backyard on a plastic snowboard have it much easier when it comes to actually getting on a real snowboard taking lessons at the local resort. Plastic snowboards are simple to get into and offer a non-intimidating way to learn the sport of snowboarding. Please note that plastic snowboards don’t have metal edges which make them safer but will not be allowed into ski and snowboard resorts. Plastic snowboards are intended to be for backyard use and for learning prior to going onto the actual resorts.



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