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Rossignol, the Pure Mountain Company, was founded in 1907 and today is one of the oldest ski companies in the world. To keep things fresh and current Rossignol has made sure to continue to develop new products and technologies to allow every day on the mountain to be better than before. They begin by sponsoring the world’s best athletes in Big Mountain skiing, freestyle skiing and ski racing. They listen to the athletes and make products based on their recommendations. The concepts that are developed and brought to life for the professional are then adapted for the general consumer and... Read More


brought down through every model in the collection.

The very first pair of Rossignol Skis are all wood which were hand carved in 1907. Thirty years later Emile Allais won the World Championships on Rossignol race skis. Following that design the Olympic 41 carried Henri Oreiller to Olympic Gold in 1948, France’s first Olympic gold medal in skiing. Since then Rossignol has continued to develop winning race skis, in addition to developing skis for all mountain skiing, powder skiing, and freestyle skiing.

In 1964 Rossignol revolutionized the ski industry making the first fiber glass skis. Since then, skis like the Rock 550, ST Competition, SM Competition, Equipe 4S, Excess Dualtec, 9X Oversize, Radical Mutix, and Strato series have carried the company to where they are today. The Experience series and the 7-Series include some of the most popular skis on the market in the Experience 98, Experience 88, and Soul 7. The Experience collection has been receiving accolades from leading industry magazines such as Skiing and Ski Magazine since they were introduced in 2011. The 7-Series hit the market this season with gusto. The Soul 7 has been the leading ski in the 7-Series at 106mm wide it offers the benefits of powder skis with the ability to ski the rest of the mountain too.

In addition to making world class skis Rossignol also produces ski boots, ski bindings, poles, ski helmets, goggles, bags, and full collections of men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing as well as Nordic ski gear and snowboard gear.

Rossignol doesn’t limit the technical advancements to their gear; they have developed an App for both iPhones and Andriods called The Ski Pursuit. It allows you to track your runs, speed, distance, duration, ascent and descent and post them to facebook to answer the age old question who skis harder you or your buddy. You can also compare your results to the rest of the Pursuit Community.

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