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Ski Sweaters

Ski sweaters have been around longer than chair lifts, skis with metal edges, and plastic ski boots. Ski sweaters provide a classic look for the slopes and for après ski activities. Ski sweaters were traditionally made from wool. Wool is great for skiing because of its natural moisture wicking properties and its quick drying tendencies. Traditionally wool sweaters were bulky and itchy, however, in the last few years manufacturers have figured out how to spin wool into a much tighter yarn making it softer and less bulky. A few companies are producing ski sweaters from synthetic fibers for people who like the look of a traditional ski sweater but don't want wool. Some companies are still producing ski sweaters with traditional snowflake patterns, while other companies are designing clean tight cable knit sweaters. The range of sweater styles available ensure that everyone can find a great ski sweater they love.

Types of ski sweaters

Ski sweaters are always a popular holiday gift for any skier. Ski sweaters are available in many different styles ranging from very traditional to contemporary. Traditional ski sweaters typically feature more intricate patterns typically of snowflakes. Ski sweaters were traditionally made out of wool but are now available in synthetic fibers. Both wool and synthetic ski sweaters are great for skiing in because of their ability to wick moisture away from the skin and to dry quickly. Ski sweaters are warm and stylish so you can go straight from skiing to après ski activities without having to run back to the condo to change.

There are also different cuts available in ski sweaters from the standard pull over to those with half or full zippers. A new favorite is the v-neck ski sweater which offers comfort and style. The new zippered ski sweaters may not look like the sweaters of yesterday mostly because they are the ski sweaters of tomorrow. The zipper allows for easy removal and the ability to unzip to cool off a bit. Some zippered ski sweaters will offer a full zipper and others only a half zipper. Another popular style of sweater for skiing is the turtle neck which offers the warmth of a sweater and the ability to keep your neck warm as well.

All the brands of ski sweaters you love available at Skis.com

Everyone has their own favorite brand which is why you will find a great selection of ski sweaters from all the top brands. Not to play favorites we carry ski sweaters from pretty much every brand that makes them including Air Blaster, Dale of Norway, Spyder, Kjus, Neve Designs, Oakley, Obermeyer, Smartwool, Spyder and more. With all the various brands of ski sweaters available and the different types you are sure to find one that meshes with your style!

Sizing a ski sweater

Ski sweaters are going to fit the same as standard sweaters and can be taken in the same size you would take in a standard sweater. When ordering a ski sweater take into account the type of sweater and the material it is made up of to finalize your decision on what size will work great for you. When in doubt check our to see the measurements of each size from each brand.