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Ski Race Suits

Ski race suits are built for speed and offer skiers a flashy and functional outer layer for ski racing. Available in various color schemes and designs you can tailor the look of your suit to your personal style. Ski race suits are also manufactured by the top brands in skiing including the top race brands Spyder and Descente.

Why wear a ski race suit?

There are many reasons to wear a ski race suit but the main reason would be for ski racing as this is their intended use. Ski race suits are built for performance but are also built with protection in mind as well. You will notice ski race suits fit very snuggly and offer a slick look and feel. This is for performance and will maximize speed by minimizing the resistance or drag felt against the skier. The material a ski race suit is made up of will offer both wind resistance, water resistance and will be waterproof. Intended to not only reduce the drag but to keep the skier warm, ski racers often wear only thin long underwear beneath their ski race suits to limit bulkiness below the suit and to offer them just enough warmth without being too warm.

Types of ski race suits

Looking at ski race suits from a distance you may think there is only one type of suit but there are two main styles of ski racing suits. The two styles of ski race suits you are going to find are going to be downhill and GS. These two styles of ski racing suits are made specifically for the type of skiing the user is looking to do whether downhill or GS. Downhill race suits are going to offer no additional padding to adhere to the FIS wind resistance regulations and will offer a streamlined fit. GS ski racing suits will offer padding throughout them in key areas to protect the skier while they hit the gates.

The fit of ski racing suits

Ski race suits are stretchy and will form a fit around the user but double check the size charts to get the proper size. Ski racing suits are available for men, women and kids and will offer unique fit characteristics in each style to adhere to the body shape of the user. As ski racing suits are stretchy and form around the user it is not absolutely imperative for a woman to get a womens specific race suit but they will offer a more feminine design.

Keeping warm while wearing a ski race suit

Ski racing suits offer a bit of warmth and while ski racers often find themselves with enough warmth to race while only wearing the ski race suit and long underwear some may want additional warmth while warming up or waiting for the race to begin. To make it easier for ski racers to add layers over their racing suits manufacturers have made full zip skiing pants which offer skiers the ability to easily remove the pants fast so they can be ready to race faster.