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Ski Pants

When shopping ski pants you may be surprised at the amount of choices from various styles, materials, designs, brands and more. A good pair of ski pants is a very important piece of equipment and can truly make or break your day on the slopes as a poor pair of ski pants can allow you to get wet or cold which can not only stop your day of skiing but could be dangerous. Here at Skis.com we pride ourselves in carrying only quality ski pants that we'd want to wear which is why we carry the top brands in ski pants from The North Face, Arc'teryx, Spyder, Obermeyer, KJUS, Descente, Karbon, Orage and more. Within all these brands we carry varying styles so you can be sure to get exactly what you are looking for.

Types of ski pants

You may think, well, a ski pant is a ski pant so how there are different kinds of ski pants? But there are two different main types of ski pants which are insulated or shell. Insulated ski pants are the most common type and the type of ski pants that most likely come to mind when one thinks of pants for skiing. Insulated ski pants offer the outer layer which aids in repelling water and keeping you dry but also have an inner liner which keeps the skier warm and toasty while skiing. Insulated pants are great and will work for most skiers. Shell ski pants are going to be just that, a shell. Like insulated ski pants shell pants offer the outer layer to repel water and moisture but that is where they stop. Shell style skiing pants are lightweight and offer great protection but will need an extra layer beneath them for colder days. Shell ski pants are great for warmer days or for those that need the extra mobility they feel they are not getting in insulated pants.

Understanding ski pant features

Ski pants come with a slew of features depending on the model but it's these features that make the big difference between a pair of pants fit for skiing and pants fit for backyard sledding. One of these great features is a ski pants boot gaiters. Boot gaiters are the tight fitting elastic piece at the bottom of the ski pants which keeps snow from getting in and does not allow the heat to escape. Another great feature found with ski pants are articulated knees; what this does is allow for a natural bend at the knee where skiers need it most. To protect against your pants wearing out from rubbing on your ski boots, bindings or skis you will find scuff guards on the bottom of the legs of ski pants. This durable feature ensures your ski pants last a lot longer than a normal pair of pants would last. Maybe the best feature of ski pants are the vents that you will find in most models. These vents found typically on the inner thigh ensure you have a way to quickly cool down when things get too warm; this not only cools you off but keeps you warm by ensuring you don't sweat which can cause you to get cold.

Pockets, pocket, pockets!

When shopping ski pants you may also notice they offer many more pockets than traditional snow pants. All these pockets work great to keep all the supplies you need for a day out skiing at hands reach. You will find media pockets lined with soft fabric so you can keep your media player or phone handy without worrying about scratching it. You can also select from pants with cargo pants or standard pants that will still have ample pockets to keep supplies.

Overall there are many differences between all the various styles of ski pants sold here at Skis.com. If you have additional questions regarding ski pants we recommend taking a look at our ski pant buying guide or sizing guide to get a further education.