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EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SKIING & SNOWBOARDING has gone through great lengths to make buying skis and ski equipment easier. The Ski-O-Pedia has grown to features articles, buying guides, videos, blogs and more to help customers choose the ski gear so they can have the most fun on the mountain. We constantly publish new content so customers have the knowledge to make an informed decision when buying gear.

Buyers Guide

Everything you need to know about buying gear is featured in our Buying Guides. Read the guide, buy the gear, get stoked!

Video Education

Educate yourself by watching our videos. Videos cover size guides, staying warm and product information.

On Snow Reviews

Each year staff takes on the brutal task of testing skis. Now you can see exactly what we think of each item we test.

Ski Talk Videos

Our Ski Talk videos let you hear it right from the manufacturer reps. We sit down with them and discuss the ins and outs of a specific product or model.


Our Blogs feature the newest content including videos, ski news, industry highlights and what ever else we feel like posting.


Listen onsite or download to listen on the go. Our Podcasts feature employee interviews, industry news and sit-downs with brand reps.


Keep in the know with our many articles. Each article will discuss different aspects of skiing, From apr├Ęs to waxing, we have you covered.

Sizing Guides

Knowing what size to get is imperative to having a great day on the mountain. Know how to properly fit skis, boots, clothes and more with detailed sizing guides.

Sizing Charts

Not all brands are created equal, so we've made it easier for you. We have sizing charts from all the major players so you the right size to purchase.


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