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Oakley goggles are great for skiing and snowboarding offering cutting edge technology in a comfortable and well performing design. Oakley has always been a top brand in the sport and lifestyle category constantly pushing the boundaries to make better and better products. This can easily be seen in the constant progression of Oakley goggles, from the various lens shapes and technologies, to the various styles to mesh with changing fashion and art...Read More


There are Oakley ski goggles and snowboard goggles, but Oakley is also a brand dedicated to mountain biking, BMX and motocross. Oakley goggles have been a strong facet in the extreme sports community for years, and all athletes alike can agree that Oakley offers high quality products.

Oakley goggles have always offered great technologies to ensure their goggles fit great and perform in the top tier of the market. Oakley’s 3D cranial geometry offers a precise fit ensuring their goggles fit snugly and comfortably. Another Oakley goggle innovation is their ram-air surge ports, which offers great airflow as well as fog cutting properties giving riders a clear view. To aid even greater in a fog free finish all Oakley goggles are covered in their F3 anti-fog coating.

Another great feature of Oakley goggles is the immense amount of work they put in to ensure they offer the maximum peripheral and downward vision. Oakley offers users a great view from behind their lenses so they can be safe on the slopes while being able to ski or snowboard all over the mountain. Oakley has also done great work and research to ensure their goggles will not shatter or break on impact offering great impact protection for skiers and boarders.

Oakley goggles also offer a women’s specific goggle! In 2006 Oakley released the Stockholm goggles which is a goggle specifically made for women. The Stockholm offers a great fit for women and will give women a better view with comfort and a precise fit on their face. Oakley knew that a woman's face shapes was not fitting well into standard goggles and stepped up to offer an Oakley goggle specifically for them.

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