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Ski Gloves

Every skier knows the importance of a good pair of ski gloves and most skiers will have more than just one decent pair of gloves. Skiing gloves have evolved greatly over the years and now there are various styles of gloves from standard liner gloves, three fingered models, mittens and more. To ensure there is a set of ski gloves for everyone there are varying designs, materials and styles from the basic to the extravagant. So what style of ski glove defines you? Let's find out!

The standard ski gloves

This is still everyone's favorite type of skiing glove, the standard five finger glove. Although available in a bunch of different materials and designs these ski gloves are going to be the most standard and will give great fit, feel and warmth. You will notice a vast array of prices for these ski gloves and a lot of it has to do with the materials used in making the gloves. From standard synthetic materials to Gore-Tex and leather you can really choose what fancies you in these gloves. Gore-Tex gloves are going to offer a bit more durability and warmth and are great for the hardcore skier looking for a glove that can withstand long, hard days on the mountain.

Liner ski gloves

Liner ski gloves work great as liners underneath your regular gloves and will keep you extra warm. Liner gloves also offer a thinner layered feel when you need some more movement in your fingers whether adjusting goggles on the lift or checking for something in your ski jacket pocket. Liner gloves also work great as driving and everyday gloves as they are thin and offer enough warmth for everyday tasks. You can also find liner gloves with tech touch abilities meaning that the gloves will have a special material on select fingers to work with touch screen mobile devices like smart phones and media players.

Pipe ski gloves

Pipe ski gloves are popular with the park and pipe skiers as they offer a thinner design offering more mobility and ability to grab. Park skiers like the added dexterity of pipe style ski gloves as they are using rope tows more often and can easily reach down and grab their skis whether for a grab in the air or for an adjustment after a bail. Pipe gloves are also a great spring riding glove offering an alternative to bulky ski gloves. For really cold days it is advised to wear a thin liner glove under your pipe gloves.

Heated ski gloves

If you get cold super easily, there are heated ski gloves that can really aid in keeping you warm on the coldest days. The heated ski gloves often come with a much heftier price tag than standard gloves however they offer great construction from the materials to the design and will offer much needed warmth for those that get cold easy.

Ski mittens

Some enjoy skiing in mittens versus gloves as mittens can keep you warmer if you get cold hands easily. The downside to mittens is the loss of dexterity which you get with fingered ski gloves but most say it only takes a week to get used to using mittens. To get the best of both worlds we recommend grabbing a set of ski gloves and skiing mittens so you the best of both worlds and can use what works best for you on any given day.

Race ski gloves

For racing you are going to want a bit of extra protection as your hands will often be coming in contact with the gates. Race style gloves will offer hard shell protection in the knuckles either externally or internally to ensure that the skier is protected from the gates. The fit of racing style ski gloves are often pre-curved and offer an ergonomically correct fit to easily grip your ski poles and will be made of only the highest quality materials to be durable through the constant abuse ski racers put their equipment through.