Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skates

$299.99 (43% off)
Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skates, Black-Green, 600
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$299.99 (43% off)
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Skill Level: Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Skate Type: Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Speed: Moderate - ideal for skaters going at a mellow to fast speed

Moderate - ideal for skaters going at a mellow to fast speed

Ventilation: Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances

Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances


The Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skates are made to be quick and maneuverable so you can skate between obstacles on the streets and through the park. If your playground is the concrete jungle then these skates were made for you. Back again for another year, and the reason there's an urban skate category, the Twister 80 will definitely remain a top choice for skaters. Here's why.


For lots of comfort and to help keep your feet cool is the Vented Shell which offers a removable lateral slider. The Specialized 5 Star Fit Liner hugs your feet comfortably while ensuring that you have the performance to shift between pedestrians too busy tweeting about their cups of coffee. The Hot Rod Alu Frame is perfect at transferring the energy of each stride to maximize your speed and mobility.


If you want a skate that's tough, quick and comfortable, the Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skates are a versatile choice that you have to check out.

  • Removable Lateral Slider
  • Specialized Footbed
  • Shock Absorber
  • V-Cut
  • Supreme Wheels
  • Brake in the box


Skate Type Urban Skate Cuff Height High Skate Closure System Traditional Laces
Closure System Locking Cuff Buckle, 45 Degree Buckle and Laces Maximum Wheel Size 80mm Wheel Configuration 80mm-80mm-80mm-80mm
Wheel Durometer 85A Bearing Grade Performance Bearing Type SG 7
Speed Moderate Skate Frame Material Metal or Metal Alloy Frame Material Hot Rod Alu
Lining Material Specialized 5 Star Fit Ventilation Medium Brake Included? Yes
Size Adjustable No Special Features Vented Shell Model Year 2016
Model Number 07505400 775 6.0 Product ID 371597   
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My 2nd Pair.
April 02, 2017

out of 5

The Twister is a great skate. I bought my first pair about 2001 size 10. I upgraded 2017 to size 10.5 for a much better fit and more comfort. This boot size is a much better fit. However, I have a hot spot on my inside left ankle bone. Very...Read More
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good choice for my usage.
March 29, 2017

out of 5

Upgraded from my Bladerunner 80 to the Twister 80.Difference like night and day.Got into it 2 years ago,wasn't sure if this is for me.BR 80 had no half sizes , was a bit of a set back.I'm 9.5,TW 10.5 is a snug , close to perfect fit.Was mor...Read More
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Horacio Gonzalez


November 25, 2016

out of 5

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Questions & Answers
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Q: Even if my feet is 23 cm I wear 7 us size for woman. Since I prefer the men model, should I buy 6?
Asked : Mar 05, 2017
By : Letizia, Toronto
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:For sizing women for men's skates, yes you will want to drop 1 full size. Keep in mind women's skates have a lower cuff to accommodate a woman's calf muscle. If the men's version of the skate interferes with your calf muscle you may want to add a heel lift to the skates which will push your heel up and alleviate any unwanted pressure from the skate.
Answered : Mar 07, 2017
By : Chris
Q: I want to order UK 8.. but on the website it does not show US or UK .. so how i specify UK 8??
Asked : Oct 12, 2016
By : Suniel, Mumbai , INDIA
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:These are sized in US sizing, a UK size 8 is going to be closely equivalent to a US size 8.5
Answered : Oct 12, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hi, I have a almost flat arch foot, does the skates comes with arch? will that be a problem? Thanks
Asked : Jun 22, 2016
By : Shumu9, Miami
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:The Rollerblade Twister 80 is going to offer some slight arch support, much more than skates of yesteryear. With that said you may still need something additional; I've outfitted many skaters over the years with specialty footbeds, or added additional supports to the skates which is always an option. Another thing to keep in mind is how important sizing the skates are. Inline skates are going to fit the same as your standard athletic shoe size, so make sure to go with the proper size and don't go big. If you wear a size 10 in shoes get a size 10 in your skates, some skaters try going larger for some reason as if that will help, but it will only be a detriment to proper fit. Best of luck!
Answered : Jun 22, 2016
By : Chris
Q: What is the largest wheel size these can take?
Asked : Jun 22, 2016
By : sunshantie, irmo sc
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:The maximum wheel size on the Rollerblade Twister 80 is 80mm.
Answered : Jun 22, 2016
By : Chris
Q: I have skated most of my life and skated with inline skates (Rollerblade Maxxum 84s) for about 10 years. That was more than 10 years ago though. I want to skate recreationally and now need a lot of lateral support. The Maxxum 84's and Twister 80's seem to offer good support. Can anyone recommend the best skate for support?
Asked : May 26, 2016
By : Joseph, Saint Petersburg Florida
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:If you are used to the full plastic outer Rollerblade skates, the maxxum series is great. The hard plastic outer shell is really reminiscent of the older style skates and gives great support. The Twister and the Maxxum are great choices, the boot and liner are identical. The only differences in the 2 are the Twister has a shorter frame and a smaller wheel so it maneuvers a bit better in tight quarters, the Maxxum offers a longer frame and slightly larger wheel so it's going to be a bit smoother and faster overall. It all depends on what you area looking for, I skate with the Maxxum 90's because I wanted the hardshell boot for support but wanted the larger wheels for better max speed.
Answered : May 27, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Even though these are for urban skating, can I also use them for fitness?
Asked : May 21, 2016
By : Steven, Brooklyn, NY
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:You can really use these skates for whatever you want, they are urban skates but they will work as fitness skates as well. They do have a shorter wheelbase and smaller wheels so they won't be as fast as the larger wheeled fitness skates but this will in turn actually make you work harder for your speed which will help if you're looking for a good work out.
Answered : May 21, 2016
By : Chris, United States
Q: In the video he talks about how this boot easily detaches and can be applied to different frames, now i just ordered this skate set and wondering is there an available Aggressive frame i could buy later on that this boot will attach to? Sorry if its a dumb question, newly returning skater and the world has changed a lot in 13 years haha!
Asked : Sep 09, 2015
By : N8, Fargo ND
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:We don't sell the frames separately here but the urban skates do use a standard UFS style system so you will be able to add a different frame to the skates including an aggressive style frame if you choose to. You won't be left with a huge soul area to grind with but the overall feel will be similar to an aggressive skate after the switch.
Answered : Sep 09, 2015
By : Chris
Q: I am a size 11.5 in mens shoes. Do you guys suggest same 11.5 in skates or are they tight and I should I go a size bigger?
Asked : Jul 18, 2015
By : ariel, MIAMI
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:I wear a size 10.5 and purchased the Rollerblade Maxxum 90's in a size 10.5 and they fit perfectly. Rollerblade skates are going to fit similar to your shoe size so it's recommended to go with the same size as your shoe size. Skates will fit snug at first but will break in after about 6 times skating in them.
Answered : Jul 20, 2015
By : Chris
Q: What is removable lateral slider? How does it work? Could you post a video?
Asked : Jun 08, 2015
By : Mel, Sunnyvale
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:You will see on the front outside are of the skate, there is a plastic piece with visible bolts. This is the slider, it is removable for those that find it unnecessary and just want to lighten the skate, and being removable also means it's replaceable for skaters that are hard on their skates and may wear it down. The slider works as an area for the skate to "slide" across pavement and in doing so protects the skate.
Answered : Jun 16, 2015
By : Chris
Q: Currently I have a pair of Rollerblade Burner 451 size 29.5cm and they hurt my feet. So I suppose I need 30cm or 30.5cm ones. In the case of Twister, would I need to go for the 31cm size? I heard the fit on twisters is smaller. I have a wide and flat foot, so I need to be sure. Thanks.
Asked : May 05, 2015
By : Sergio, Chicago, Illinois
Know the answer? Answer this question
A:Rollerblade inline skates are going to run very close to your actual shoe size and should be taken the same size, those with a wider foot can go up a 1/2 size to make room but it is not recommended to go any larger than that. The Twister 80 model is a hard plastic boot which gives great rigidity and durability but could be a bit harsh with a wider foot. I would recommend checking out some of the Rollerblades with softer boots, or for a similar style skate that is a bit softer check out the K2 Il Capo as it has a similar stlye but with a softer and more forgiving boot.
Answered : May 06, 2015
By : Chris
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