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Mens Skis

There are several different disciplines of skiing and to keep up with all these different disciplines there are several types of mens skis. To help you better understand each type of mens skis we will briefly explain each style here.

Carving Mens Skis

Carving mens skis are going to be geared towards carving on hard packed conditions. These skis are not the widest in the field and make great beginner skis for those starting out on groomed slopes. There are several different styles of carving mens skis from beginner to expert and everyone in between.

All Mountain Mens Skis

With a bit wider design these mens skis offer a bit more ability to explore the whole mountain. Wide enough to take on some backside conditions and deeper, cruddier snow all mountain mens skis are great for those going in and out of bounds and looking for a ski to keep up with them the whole time.

Powder Mens Skis

Built to float! Mens skis for powder offer a wider design and most of the time a rocker system that lifts the tip and tail slightly off the surface. The rocker and wide design offers float above powder and effortless power in crud. Powder mens skis are built primarily for use in the powder but some designs will allow great skiing in all conditions with an emphasis on deeper snow.

Race Mens Skis

For those looking to race there is definitely a difference between regular skis and race skis. Race skis are going to offer a stiff design and narrower sidecut to offer the most speed and ability to carve all in one package. The stiff design in mens skis for racing is achieved by having the wood core also layered with metal laminates. The metal laminates provide more torsional rigidity which give the racers better edge hold and energy transfer.

Other features to look for with mens skis

Once you have narrowed down the style of ski you are looking at there are still other features to keep an eye out for. You will want to know if the ski comes with a ski binding or if you need to purchase a set. Not all mens skis will come with bindings and you will need to pick a pair up. Another feature that will make a big difference is whether the skis are cambered or rockered. Cambered mens skis were the norm for years but now rockered mens skis make up a big chunk of the market to aid those looking for more float or a catch free ride. Another commonly used factor for selecting a mens ski is the turn radius. A tighter (smaller) turn radius will work best for those looking to link hard short carves and will typically be better for groomed and hard packed conditions.

Now you know the difference between the various types of mens skis so you can make a more informed decision based on what type of skiing you do. Some skiers can't be held to one pair of skis so if you find yourself skiing in various conditions it may be wise to get more than one set of mens skis!