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Here at we know the importance of a good ski jacket and how having a quality jacket can easily make or break a ski trip. That’s why we stock so many styles, brands and types of men’s ski jackets to choose from. Here we are going to cover the different types of men’s skiing jackets that are offered and the differences you will find between each.


The four main styles of men’s jackets are insulated, shell, 3-in-1and soft-shell.


Insulated Men’s Jackets


This is one of the most popular and widely used styles of men’s jackets and for good reason. An insulated jacket is just that, a jacket with a layer of insulation to provide extra warmth. Offering an outer shell with an insulated interior makes these men’s skiing jackets great for various types of weather and snow conditions. This style of jacket is also the most commonly used jacket and is what most think of when they envision men’s ski jackets.


Shell Men’s Jackets


Shell men’s ski jackets are going to be much thinner without the thickness from inner insulation. These shell jackets are still very warm as they typically host a higher end windproofing and waterproofing. With shell style men’s jackets it is going to be best to wear layers in colder weather and let the shell jacket work as an outer layer to protect against the elements. Shell jackets work well even in a bit warmer weather too as you can easily open the vents and let cool air in and let hot air out. Shell men’s skiing jackets are definitely one of the more popular jackets for their versatility so if you see varying weather conditions this may be a good choice for you.


3-in-1 Men’s Jackets


3-in-1 men’s ski jackets bring together the best features of insulated jackets and shell jackets all under one umbrella. With a removable inner liner these jackets offer the ability to be worn as a shell ski jacket or an insulated ski jacket. As an added bonus you can zip out the inner liner and wear that separately as a spring and fall jacket. If you see a very varying climate and like to have all your bases covered in one easy to use package you will love 3-in-1 men’s ski jackets.


Soft Shell Men’s Jackets


Soft shell ski jackets are great for those looking for a lightweight go anywhere jacket that will still hold up to some time on the mountain. These men’s skiing jackets defy conformity and can easily be worn around the town comfortably without being bulky like some ski jackets.


Now you are a men’s ski jacket expert and with this great knowledge you can easily shop jackets confidently knowing you are getting exactly what you are looking for. The best way to narrow down your search while shopping men’s ski jackets is to use the “Type” refinement which can be found on the left side of the page. Selecting, insulated, shell, 3-in1 or softshell here will only show you men’s ski jackets that fit this description and styling.


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