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Kids Skis

Kids love skiing and every parent loves the day their kids finally master skiing and don't need assistance any longer. Here at Skis.com we stock a full line of kids skis for all types of skiing and for all ability levels. You can find kids skis for both boys and girls with graphics and features that will mesh well with the little ones. There are also kids skis that are going to appeal to certain skill levels from beginner to advanced junior skiers and will offer features and benefits geared towards their level of skiing.

Kids skis for different uses

Even kids skis come in different types to accommodate different types of skiing and ski conditions. The major types of kids skis you will find are going to be all mountain, freestyle and frontside skis.

All mountain kids skis - These types of kids skis are going to offer a bit wider profile with a bit stiffer core giving them the ability to be used both on the frontside or backside of the mountain. Great for kids skiing a bit on the groomed and a bit on non-groomed terrain and looking for a bit better performing kids ski set up.

Freestyle kids skis - Just like adult freestyle skis kids freestyle skis are going to offer a twin shape making them great for park and pipe skiing as you will be needing to land backwards and spin with ease. Some kids freestyle skis will come with bindings but most will need to be bought separate but don't worry, we have a great supply.

Frontside kids skis - For the very beginner kid skier or for only skiing hard groomed runs frontside kids skis will offer a narrower design giving them adequate grip and control in hard packed and often icy conditions. Frontside kids skis tend to be the most inexpensive style of kids skis and will offer the lightest and most forgiving flex making them best for lighter weight beginner skiers.

Ability levels and kids skis

Most will think of kids skiing and think they are all simply beginner skiers but it simply is not the case. Just like there are varying ranges of adult skis there are also varying ranges for kids skis as well. You can select kids skis from beginner to expert. A beginner kids ski is going to offer a softer flex and more forgiving shape that will offer a bit of help for beginner skiers as they work to get their bearings and learn to ski. Intermediate to advanced level kids skis are going to start to get a bit stiffer offering the skier the ability to snap in and out of turns and you will begin to see different ski shape offerings like twin tip skis for park skiing and wider skis for backcountry skiing. Expert level skis for kids are typically going to be race styles or twin tips for park and pipe skiing and will work best only for those kids skiing hard and taking part in a race program or spending time pushing hard in the terrain park or half pipe.