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What separates the kids skiing pants you will find on from the selection available at a department or big box store is the quality and ski specific features. The brands that are available on include Obermeyer, Spyder, The North Face, Burton and more are top quality brands.


Kids ski pants on are available for boys, girls, and toddlers. The refinements in the left navigation menu give you the opportunity to sort our vast selection of kids skiing pants by gender or by size. Toddler ski pants are available in size 1 to size 6X. Ski pants for boys or girls begin at a size 7 and are available in size up to 20 depending on the brand and model.


To extend the life of pants in toddler sizes many of the skiing pant manufacturers have created a growth system to extend the length of the pant legs. If the pair of kids pants has a growth system, inside each pant leg will have a growth pleat sewn in. When the colored basting thread is cut the extra fabric in the growth pleats extend to elongate the length of the pant legs. Each brand calls their growth system something different, look for mention of Grow With Me or I-Grow in the product description if you are looking for a pair of kids ski pants with this feature.


In addition to the growth system feature available on some of the kids skiing pants, there are several other features available that make the these pants more suited for skiing than snow pants from a department store or big box store. Many of the kids ski pants available on have articulated cuts. These pants are constructed in a way that makes them more comfortable to wear in a proper skiing position. This typically means that darts are sewn in the knee area to give it some shape. Some models will also leave a bit more room in the seat to better accommodate the crouched skiing position.


The top quality kids pants available on are made with waterproof and breathable fabrics. The more waterproof and breathable the fabric is the more comfortable a pair of kids skiing pants will be. The waterproof fabric keeps moisture if your kid takes a spill on the slopes. Breathable fabric allow moisture vapor to escape if your child is too warm and starts to sweat. In addition to fabric quality the seams of many of the styles of kids ski pants are taped during construction to prevent moisture from getting in through the seams. Some pants have critically taped seams, which means that only the most vulnerable to moisture penetration are taped. The high end models of kids ski pants may have fully taped seams which means that every seam is taped to prevent moisture from seeping into the pants.


If you have any questions about kids ski pants please feel free to contact our experts available on Live Chat.



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