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Henrik Harlaut dubbed E-DOLLO hails from Are Sweden and has quickly taken the Freesking and Competition by storm. Henrik started skiing at the age of 2 and then alpine racing by age 5. By 11 he was sponsored by Scott and was invited to his first set of competitions and camps. He competed in his first US Freeskiing Open at 13 years old but didn't qualify. The very next year Henrik qualified for the finals and landed his first switch 1260. Jon Olsson, another pro skier, was impressed by his performance and asked him to attend the invite only Jon Olsson Invitational.

Inspired by his own success, Hernik continued to compete in Dew Tours, X-Games, European Opens and More. He also began filming with companies like Level Productions, Poor Boyz Productions.

Henrik was still missing just one piece of hardware. The ultimate prize for a competing freeskier.

On Saturday, January 27th, the dreadlock wielding Swede, crouched on approach of the big air final in Aspen, Colorado to land the first ever nose butter triple cork 1660 and obtaining a perfect score of 50 to earn a Gold Medal at Winter X. For those not impressed, you should be. A nose butter triple cork 1660 breaks down like this:

NOSE BUTTER - Spinning on the tips of the skis before leaving the jump.

CORK - an off axis spin that is leaned back, but so that the rider does not go inverted at any point. A triple cork is three of these types of spins.

1660 - 4 and 1/4 rotations around an axis.

Combining all of these into one trick is beyond comprehension for most, but Henrik pulled it off in front of the lights of the Aspen, Colorado crowd to take home X-Games Gold!

If that wasn't enough, the very next day, Henrik took second in the X-Games slopstyle competition. It's safe to say Henrik Harlaut had a pretty good weekend in Aspen.

Less than 48 hours after he won Gold, Henrik was gracious enough to visit a local shop where caught up with him. Harlaut mingled with fans, took lots of photos and even signed a few pairs of Oakley Goggles that we will be giving away to some lucky fans.

Henrik Breaks Down His Gold Medal Winning Run at X Games Big Air.

LEFT: Henrik Signing the Goggles we will be giving away!
RIGHT: Henrik proudly displays His X Games Hardware. That's a Gold in Big air and a Silver in Slopstyle!

All Three of Henrik's Slopestyle Runs Which Earned Him an X Games Silver Medal.

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To say Henrik Harlaut is an accomplished skier would be an understatement. Just take a look at the list of Top 3's he has had:

  • 1st - Saas-fee Ride Big Air
  • 1st - Ostersund rail jam Rail Jam
  • 1st - Kungstradgarden Rail Jam
  • 1st - Monterpark Rail Jam
  • 1st - Brussels Winter Show Hip
  • 2nd - The London Ride 1/4 Pipe
  • 1st - Swedish Junior Championships Big Air
  • 1st - Nine Knights Big Air / rail
  • 1st - Saas-fee Ride Big Air
  • 1st - Ostersund Rail Jam
  • 1st - The London Ride Big Air
  • 1st - MonsterPark Big Air
  • 2nd - Nordic Slopestyle Championships Slopestyle
  • 3rd - Dew Tour-Breckenridge Slopestyle
  • 3rd - NS Picknic Big Air
  • 1st - - Berlin Big Air
  • 1st - Nine Knights Big Air
  • 1st - Nine Knoghts Rail Jam
  • 1st - Aspen Open Slopestyle
  • 1st - European Open Slopestyle
  • 2nd - AFP World Ranking Slopestyle
  • 2nd - Jon Olsson Super Session Film Competition (Team Euro)
  • 3rd - New Zealand Open Slopestyle.
  • 1st - Big Air
  • 3rd - Relentless Freeze Festival Big Air
  • 2nd - AFP Season Ranking Big Air
  • 2nd - WSI Big Air
  • 1st - LA Sessions Les Arc Big Air
  • 1st - Big Air
  • 1st - London Freeze Big Air
  • 1st - Ushuaia, Argentina World Cup Slopestyle