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Giro Ski Helmets

Giro is a maker of quality ski helmets in a wide array of styles, fits and designs. Many skiers from beginner first time skiers to dedicated and hardcore racers put their trust in Giro ski helmets. Giro has built this trust by offering quality ski helmet designs with performance characteristics meshed with comfort to equalize the protection skiers need with the comfort they want.

In Form Fit System

The In Form Fit system on Giro ski helmets makes it so that each skier is getting a fit 100% for them. This great fit with Giro helmets is achieved by turning the dial in the rear of the helmet, which can be turned with ski gloves on, to adjust the exact fit of the helmet. By turning this dial you can alter the fit of your Giro skiing helmet up to 6cm which means that Giro helmets cater to various head shapes and can be fine tuned with an array of ski goggles to eliminate gaper gap.

In Mold Construction

In mold construction in Giro ski helmets is a marriage between the inner absorption impacting liner and the polycarbonate outer shell. By fusing these two pieces together Giro helmets can offer better ventilation throughout the entire helmet while also achieving a lighter weight helmet in the end than traditional style helmets.

Super Cool Vents

Nobody likes overheating on the ski hill and while wearing a Giro ski helmet you won't have to worry about this. Super Cool Vents pull fresh air into the ski helmet while also pushing stale air out of the helmet. Not only does this keep you cool when you start to overheat but you can utilize this system to regulate your core temperature for a fresh feeling all day long.

Interior Subliner

The interior subliner found in Giro ski helmets is a soft Velcro free fabric found on the inside of the helmet. This feature is removable so if you choose to ski with a beanie or if you need a bit of extra room to make up for a goggle strap you can remove this subliner to open the helmet up a bit.

Stack Vent

The stack vent is found in the middle of a Giro ski helmet but its purpose is a bit different than the Super Cool Vents we touched on above. The Stack Vent is lined up with the middle of the goggles which aids in keeping your goggles clear from fog while riding. The main cause of fogging goggles is taken away by using a Giro ski helmet with a stack vent.

Sizing Giro Ski Helmets

Giro ski helmets are going to be sized from small to large typically with measurements found for each of these sizes in our Giro helmets size chart. You will want to measure around the head of the user right above the ears where a hat or headband would naturally sit. With this measurement you should have no issue finding a Giro ski helmet that has a size range that matches your measurement.



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