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Elan Skis

Being in the industry for over 60 years Elan Skis offer great technology mixed in with innovative designs. Elan has always looked to enhance the pleasure skiers get from using their product whether they are doing this by ensuring Elan Skis are as technologically advanced as any skis on the market or simply making their skis affordable for all skiers. There are several styles of Elan Skis from beginner kid’s skis to high performance all mountain skis and everything in between. Elan offers some great technology in their skis which will give you, the user, a greater feel on the snow and better performance all around.

Elan presents Amphibio and Waveflex technology

Two main technologies found in Elan Skis are Amphibio technology and Waveflex technology. Amphibio technology offers the best of both a rockered ski and a cambered ski. To fully acquire the best of both worlds Elan has given these skis a right and left meaning they will go on like a ski boot having a distinguished left and right. You must wear these Elan skis with a left and right as the skis have a cambered edge and a rockered edge. The inside edge with Amphibio technology will offer camber for great edge grip and the outside edge will offer a rocker profile to achieve easy turning. The Waveflex technology on Elan skis is signified by a wavy looking design on the outside of the ski. This is visual on the top of the ski although this is much more than just a visual. The Waveflex technology gives the skis smooth longitudinal flex for easy turning yet makes the skis still torsionally stable for great edge grip. These two technologies aid in making Elan skis some of the greatest performers on the market.

Elan skis innovative bindings systems

As it is still a relatively new technology the system bindings on skis had some room for improvement and Elan saw this and ideas started to flow. The new Fusion and Quick Trick systems on Elan skis offer great performance for skiers looking for the next big thing. The Fusion system offers the world’s first truly integrated ski and ski binding system. With this system you get faster turn initiation, a smoother overall flex and easier overall turning with enhanced edge to edge response. Basically with the Fusion system you will be able to transfer more power to your skis in an effortless way. The quick trick binding system on Elan skis offers a quick adjust system that makes it easy and quick to adjust and re-adjust the bindings on the skis. With the freeflex mounting system you will have a smooth and stable skiing experience and with light materials and a lean design this system works great on women’s and kids skis.

Elan skis R&D team

Given all this great technology and well made skis you know Elan has a great research and development team and they definitely do. For R&D Elan turns to Ingemar Stenmark, Glen Plake, Davo Karnicar, Chritian Mayer and Urska Hrovatjust to name a few. With great skiers at the helms and testing each new technology you can trust in Elan skis to be some of the best skis on the market.

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