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When shopping cross country skis here at you will notice we stock skis for several differing intended uses. Cross country skiing has evolved over the years and to keep up with the changing disciplines and needs skis have changed as well.


To easily shop all these differing types of cross country skis we have made an easy to use refinement which can be found on the left of the page. To search a certain style of cross country skis simply select the intended use and the page will refresh with only skis that will work for what you have chosen.


Alright let’s go over the different intended uses:


Touring XC Skis


These skis are going to offer the most standard design and will be great for those just starting their cross country career. These skis are a bit longer and narrower and work best on groomed trails and terrain. Touring skis are available for beginners to advanced skiers.


Backcountry XC Skis


For those looking to break their own path through the wilderness will love backcountry XC skis. Designed to be used off trail this style of ski offers a wider and beefier set up to withstand backcountry abuse. Most all backcountry skis will offer metal edges to grip in harder snow conditions. Being wider these cross country skis are going to offer the most performance when faced with a slight downhill run. So if you like to go off in the non groomed backcountry these are the style of skis for you.


Skate Style XC Skis


Skate style skis are shorter and will offer a narrower design. Used by a lot of runners for a winter conditioning activity this style of cross country ski offers a great aerobic workout. Skate style cross country skis will require a groomed trail for best use.


Combination XC Skis


If you’re not sure that any of the above styles is exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Combination cross country skis may be just what you need; these take notes out of a few of the other styles books to make one great all around ski. These skis are often a bit wider than touring skis yet narrower than backcountry. These skis are great for the cross country skier looking to ski a little on trail and a little off trail. Some top brands of cross country skis include Alpina, Fischer and Rossignol. If you are still unsure of what to buy, please review our cross country skiing buying guide for more information.



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