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Cross Country Ski Boot Shopping Tips


At we stock a great selection of cross country skiing boots which means that you can get exactly what you need here. With different disciplines of cross country skiing there are variances in the boots to best match the different styles of skiing. Here we will cover the different styles of cross country boots as well as the different binding set ups these boots will be able to be used with.


Shopping cross country boots by intended use


Touring Cross Country Boots- This is going to be the most standard offering of cross country boots. These will still offer ample support but will be more forgiving than the other models we will cover below. Touring boots while still offering support are aimed at being some of the more comfortable cross country boots you can use.


Skate Cross Country Boots- Skate style boots are going to offer more support and a boot gaiter. With more support you gain more performance out of the boots and with the gaiters you can ski with out the worry of getting snow into your cross country boots.


Backcountry Cross Country Boots- This style of boots will offer the greatest support while maintaining a comfortable fit. Designed for abuse this style of cross country ski boot will often offer lace guards, boot gaiters and more additional features to ensure you get the best performance and protection while skiing.


Cross country boot and binding compatibility


While shopping cross country boots you will notice they have information for a “Compatible Binding System” which each boot will have. There are a few main styles of cross country ski bindings used, NNN, NNN BC and 75mm.


75mm cross country boots will offer a fit with the older style 75mm bindings. These bindings offer a 3 pin type fit and are no longer in production.


NNN is the new system designed to be easier to use by all skiers while being lightweight and durable. Standard NNN boots will fit standard NNN bindings.


NNN BC is the same basic design as a standard NNN binding but will offer a beefier design best for use in the backcountry. NNN BC boots are specially designed to be used with NNN BC bindings.


Obviously there are some choices to be made when deciding on a set of cross country  boots from style and intended use. One last note on trying on a new set of boots, we highly recommend trying the boots on with the same socks you will wear when using them and wear them around for a few minutes to let them loosen up a bit. For any further cross country ski boot questions please view our ski-o-pedia or contact our customer service. You can also get full sizing information from our cross country ski boot sizing guide.



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