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Chariot carriers are way more than just strollers; they are the best outdoor transportation for children that one can get. There are many design innovations that these carriers have to hang their hat on so let’s explore some of these great innovations to see just what you’re getting when you get one of their carriers.


CTS – Child Transportation System


The CTS or child transportation system by Chariot carriers is an innovative system and is all about versatility. Your chariot carrier can go from a standard stroller to being ready to jog, hike, cross country ski or pull behind your bike very quickly.


CAS – Chariot Adjustable Suspension System


The suspension system on Chariot carriers is one of the greatest features especially when you are using the carrier behind your bike or on rougher terrain. These carriers have their CAS system patented so you know you will not encounter the same system on any other systems.


ezFold System


The ezFold system on Chariot carriers makes it easy to fold up and stow away your carrier when not in use. Another great feature of this is when you open up the Chariot carrier for use it locks into place making it secure and worry free.


Drum Brake System


The drum brake system on Chariot carriers offer an easy to use and quick way to stop while jogging and acts as a simple parking brake (CX Models only).


HeightRight Handlebars System


The HeightRight handlebars featured on Chariot carriers offer an easy to adjust handlebar system so no matter your height you can adjust these comfortably where you need them. This also comes in handy if you and your spouse are different heights.


Child Comfort


Chariot carriers care very much about the comfort of your child and your child’s ability to use their carriers while they grow. The inside of the carrier is ergonomic, comfortable and contoured for your child as an infant and as they grow. The padded reinforced seat system may even spark up some jealousy as your child sits comfortably in their Chariot carrier.


Safety Additions


Chariot carriers reflect light and glow in the dark to provide the safest ride and nighttime visibility. You also appear very easy to any oncoming lights with the help of 3M Scotchlite reflective materials. All these additions make your Chariot carrier really stand out when it needs to.


As you can see there was a lot of careful planning and consideration put into each and every one of these Chariot carriers. As some features change from model to model be sure to check the products description to ensure the carrier you’re looking at has all the features you will need.



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