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Audio Ski Helmets

Fewer and fewer skiers are interested in making small talk on the lift and hearing the sounds of their edges biting as they rip solid arcs down the front face of the mountain. Most skiers young and old are choosing to purchase audio helmets so they can ski with their music and even take phone calls in the middle of the run. While a few of us still consider days on the slopes sacred and don't want to be bothered on an epic pow day, many ski helmet manufacturers are making helmets with audio and Bluetooth capabilities and after market kits for those who didn't upgrade from the start.

Types of audio ski helmets

There are various types of skiing helmets from full shell helmets with hard materials covering the outer ear and also half shell helmets with softer cloth ear coverings. With audio ski helmets you will find that these are going to be half shell style helmets. This is due to the speakers being added to the soft ear covers. Making audio ski helmets half shell makes them more comfortable and gives the ability to add speakers to the ear pieces with no issue.

Features to look for in audio ski helmets

Just like regular helmets audio ski helmets are available with various features from the types of ventilations to volume adjustment for the speakers. When you are shopping audio ski helmets and click into a specific model you will see a tab for "specs", it is in this tab where you will see what features the helmet comes with.

Ventilation - The ventilation offered in audio ski helmets will either be fixed, adjustable or none existent. Most audio helmets come with some ventilation which will aid in keeping you from overheating and will allow hot air to escape the helmet. Fixed ventilation will offer specific holes in the helmet which typically cannot be easily closed off. Adjustable ventilation in audio helmets will offer an easy to open and close ventilation system so you can easily open and close the venting when needed.

Liner Type - There are going to be various types of liners available for audio ski helmets but you will want to look specifically if the liner is removable. A removable liner offers the ability to wash the liner and can offer the freedom to remove the liner and wear a hat underneath your helmet in colder weather.

Brim/Visor - One of the more popular features in audio ski helmets as of late is the addition of brims and visors. Easy to spot helmets with this feature the brim or visor will protrude from the helmet to block the sun. Visor or brim audio ski helmets are a personal choice and work well for those that ski in sunny conditions often.

Volume Adjustment - A volume adjustment can come in handy and most audio ski helmets will have something to achieve this. A volume control will typically be found on the cord that connects the media player to the helmet or directly on the ear pad where the speakers are placed. These volume controls will often not only allow for turning the volume up or down but will also offer a quick off/mute switch for when you need quiet.

Audio ski helmets are available for all

When they first came out audio ski helmets were quite expensive and would only be found on select models. Now audio helmets are available for men, women and kids and in all price points. A typical starting cost for an audio ski helmet has dropped drastically and now you can get one for under $70 typically. There are also audio kits available now that you can add to existing ski helmets that don't offer the audio.