Why Twin Tips are Cool


By. Kevin Palmer




The question here shouldn’t be why are twin tip skis cool, but rather why wouldn’t they be? I’m serious here, why wouldn’t you want rip up the mountain or tear up the park & pipe on a pair of twin tips? There is absolutely nothing that you do on an All Mountain ski that you can’t do on a pair of twin tips. The same cannot be said for All Mountain skis however.


Twin Tip Skier


The question here shouldn't be why are twin tip skis cool, but rather why wouldn't they be?


The mountain takes on a whole new look and you begin to venture off into places you have never been, or even thought about going before. The next thing you know that foot of fresh powder is effortless to ski through and you begin praying for more. You seek out the little lips of rollers to catch a little air and the terrain park is not as scary as it once was.


When it comes to what twin tip you should consider, it is important to know that there are many different types within this small niche of skis. Many aren’t much wider or structurally different in sidecut from most other All Mountain skis. These will ski very much like an All Mountain ski but with the added benefits of a quicker release in the moguls and extra surface area for better flotation in soft snow.


Also understand that some twin tip skis are designed specifically for skiing in the terrain park. These skis generally have a symmetrical or nearly symmetrical sidecut which allows the ski to ride just as well when switch (backward) as forward.



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You will also find Powder Twins. Many believe that Powder Twins are only for the deep snow, which isn’t necessarily wrong. Many of these style skis are deep snow specific. However it isn’t the case for all because of the sidecut of today’s Powder skis. Twin tip skis that are as wide as 100mm at the waist are phenomenal as All Mountain/Powder skis. They will turn and hold well on groomed snow, remain super stable at high speeds, and when new snow falls you won’t struggle to stay afloat, or have to waste time in the rental shop. Instead, you’ll be outside enjoying the fresh powder like you never thought you could.


Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t skied a pair of twin tips yet, I strongly encourage you give it a shot. They will alter any previous idea you have about what is possible on a pair of skis. They are lighter, more versatile, and just flat out more fun! Just about a decade ago I was so bored of skiing that I gave it up to snowboard full-time. Then twin tip skis hit the market and I haven’t owned any other style ski. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a similar story…provided you give them a shot!


If you have a similar story to mine or any comments that you’d like to share with me or other readers, please feel free to do so by posting comments to this blog.


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