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The Day Hike Snowshoe Checklist

By Chris Gorski




So you are ready to head out for a wonderful day of snowshoeing. But did you remember everything you need? Well we are here to help to help with that problem. Below is a checklist of everything you need to ensure a great day snowshoeing.




1. Water – Bring plenty of this. You can never be too hydrated, and you lose a lot of water while snowshoeing. A hydration pack is the best, but a water bottle will do just fine too.


2. Proper Clothing – Make sure you have the clothing you need if the weather turns bad quickly. Thos means a hat, gloves, neck warmers, outer protection, socks, long underwear, and extra layers to keep you warm.


3. Sunscreen – In the winter, the snow reflects the UV rays from the sun, making them especially strong. Make sure you put on and bring extra sunscreen.


4. Snacks – You will get hungry if you are out for the day. Granola or energy bars, as well as fruit and nuts provide excellent energy without taking up a lot of room in your pack.


5. Map/GPS/Compass – No one ever thinks they will get lost. However, if you do, it can be a very scary situation. Make sure you are prepared with a map and compass or a GPS.


6. Basic First Aid – It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but a first aid kit with the basics is an essential way to help prevent small injuries from turning into large injuries.


7. Sunglasses – For the same reason you need sunscreen, sunglasses provide protection against the suns UV rays. Get polarized if you can!


8. Small Repair Kit – This should include some basics for repairing your snowshoes on the fly. Duct tape, pliers, small screwdriver/Allen wrench, and some chord can go a long way in a pinch.


9. Day Pack – Well you need something put all this other stuff in!


10. Lighter – You just never know when you may need to start a fire.




To make it all the more enjoyable!


1. Hand/Feet warmers – These are god’s gift to winter sport enthusiast! Pack a set in case your fingers or toes get cold.


2. Camera- Capture all that breath taking scenery!


3. Thermos or small stove – Hot drinks are always great if it gets a little nippy out! Make them in advanced or out on the trail.


4. Gaiters- These are a great way to ensure extra deep snow stays out of your boots.


5. M&M’s – A trail favorite!


6. Binoculars- Never know what you might see!



For the Backcountry:


Note: Not everything you will need is listed here. If planning a serious trip, consult your local ranger station for more detailed equipment must have’s.


1. Shovel – When you need to dig.


2. Probe – In case of an avalanche, this is a must.


3. Goggles – If the wind starts blowing, sun glasses won’t cut it.


4. Avalanche Beacon – A must have if you are snowshoeing anywhere where there is even a remote chance of a slide.


5. Headlamp/Flashlight – Need to see in the dark sometimes.


6. Knife- Just good to have.