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Over the Glasses Goggles

Some people cannot or prefer not to wear contacts. What should they do when they go skiing? Leave skiing blind to the truly blind athletes and get yourself a pair of OTG goggles. For the skiers who need to wear their prescription eye glasses to ski or snowboard the ski goggle manufacturers are producing an increasing number of styles of OTG ski goggles. Over the Glasses Goggles or OTG Goggles are designed to fit over most glasses. In order to do this the overall dimensions of the OTG ski goggles frames larger than regular goggles, the OTG goggles also have notches to accommodate the temple arms of your eye glasses.

Who are over the glasses goggles made for?

OTG ski goggles are available in both kids and adult sizes. While most of the adult OTG ski goggles are rather large some of the manufacturers have started to make medium sized OTG ski goggles for women and teens with smaller faces. Many companies have started making their most popular goggle models available as OTG goggles to meet the demand of those wearing glasses and wanting the best ski or snowboard goggles.

Keep your glasses and keep the features on your ski goggles

There was a misconception early on that over the glasses ski goggles didn't have all the bells and whistles as standard goggles but this simply is not the case. You can get all the great features you would look for in a standard set of ski goggles in a set of OTG ski goggles. Some of these features include polarized lenses, spherical lenses, anti fog and overall lens quality. You can find over the glasses ski goggles available with all these options or just the ones you wish to have.

No longer deal with fogged up lenses!

Many people who ski in their prescription glasses complain about not only their goggles but their glasses fogging inside their goggles. This has goggle companies springing into action with more venting and better designs to get the airflow through. This venting will keep the inner of the lenses clear and the lenses of your glasses clear as you ski.

Smith Optics believes they have devised the ultimate solution to this problem with the Turbo Fan. The Turbo Fan is a micro-sized fan that Smith has developed which is placed in the top of certain goggle frames. When activated, the fan begins to spin quietly, blowing all the hot moisture out of the goggle, clearing up any fog almost instantaneously. The fan is powered by 2 AAA batteries that are placed in a small battery pack and clipped to the goggle strap. The fan is powered on with a simple flick of a switch. Turbo Fan systems are especially useful for people who ski or snowboard in damp or snowy conditions, and have problems with routine fogging. Finally, if you wear glasses under your goggles, this is the ideal solution for the fog that always forms on the lenses of your glasses.